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Archives Today, Xiaoshu! After the summer heat, the heat is three points a day, so we must keep these four points in mind when we keep in good health. Three Leaves,Summer Festival,Yi Jing,Grape Juice,Tropical Cyclone,24 Solar Terms October 12, 2019

Xiao Shu is quiet, swimming yoga Tai Chi Song.

Bitter melon, fruit and vegetable porridge soup, regular dormancy mood stable.

Summer exercises, walking three volts and one hundred steps, make summer resorts a good tourist destination.

Xiaoshu of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Health Care Song

Climatic characteristics of Xiaoshu:

Xiaoshu is the eleventh solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar and the fifth solar term in summer. It falls on July 7 or 8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. This year's summer is July 7, when the weather is hot, but not the hottest time, so called "Xiaoshu".

In ancient China, Xiaoshu was divided into three seasons: the first is warm wind; the second is cricket dwelling in the sky; and the third is eagle's first sparrow. In the summer season, there is no longer a cool wind on the earth, but a heat wave in all the winds. Because of the heat, crickets leave the fields and go to the corner of the courtyard to escape the heat. In this season, Eagles move in the cool high air because of the high ground temperature.

In the summer, the Meiyu in the Yangtze-Huaihe River Basin will end soon. In the midsummer, the temperature will rise and enter the period of drought. In the North and Northeast China, it will enter the rainy season with frequent tropical cyclone activities. Generally speaking, the climate characteristics of the summer festival are hot weather and increased rainfall.

The main points of Xiaoshu's health preservation are as follows:

1. Xiaoshu should be less active and more static.

The body's Yang Qi is exuberant in the summer, and it has the function of protecting the body surface and resisting exogenous pathogens. Only by protecting one's own Yang can the human body be healthy and sound. In summer, the climate is hot and the energy consumption of human body is large. At this time, we should follow the principle of "less movement and more static" to keep healthy, so as to avoid excessive discharge of Yang Qi. Daily work and rest should be regular, in addition to ensuring adequate sleep, we should also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, exercise to master the degree, to avoid excessive intensity.

2. Suitable for summer and disease prevention

Among the 64 hexagrams in the Book of Changes, Xiao Shu's hexagram image is "escape". As Li Yu, a well-known opera theorist in the Qing Dynasty, said, "Xia Zang should be followed by a closed door to thank visitors."

Prevention of heatstroke - In the summer season, if the intense sunlight shines too long, infrared rays will make the human brain lose the ability to regulate body temperature, it is prone to heatstroke. In addition, high external temperature, high air humidity, difficulty in sweat evaporation, excessive heat accumulation and sweating in the body will lead to the discharge of water and salt in the body, and may also be heatstroke when not replenished in time. Heat stroke is the most serious form of heatstroke. The persistent sultry heat prevents the body from dissipating heat, which accumulates in organs and muscle tissues, and then injures the central nervous system. In summer, we need to avoid heat and heat stroke, and we need less outdoor activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Prevention of Heart Failure - When entering high temperature weather, the cardiac output and oxygen supply capacity of various organs are reduced. Heart failure is prone to occur in patients with heart disease. The initial manifestation is shortness of breath after exercise. Thereafter, with the aggravation of the disease, the tolerance to activity becomes worse and worse. In the late stage, patients can only rest in bed. In addition, patients may also appear fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Therefore, when entering high temperature weather, we must pay attention to nourishing "heart".

Damp proof - as the saying goes: no stone in winter, no wood in summer. In summer, the temperature is high and humidity is high. The wood benches in the open air, such as wooden chairs and wooden benches in residential areas or parks, have been exposed to rain and dew. The water content is high and the surface looks dry. However, when the sun is exposed to the sun, the temperature rises, moisture will be emitted outward. If a person sits on it for a long time, it may induce hemorrhoids, rheumatism and arthritis, so it is not appropriate to sit on wooden benches for a long time.

3. It is advisable to adjust diet in summer

As the saying goes, "the heat is in three volts", and the solar term of Xiaoshu is just before and after the first volts. Therefore, we should pay attention to clearing the heat and dispelling the heat in diet. We should eat more soup or porridge made of lotus leaf, Smilax glabra and other materials, and more vegetables and fruits such as watermelon and cucumber. Others generalize the diet of Xiao Xia Festival as "three flowers, three leaves, three beans and three fruits". "Three flowers" refers to honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and lily, "three leaves" refers to lotus leaves, light bamboo leaves and mint leaves, "three beans" refers to mung beans, red adzuki beans and black beans, "three fruits" refers to watermelon, bitter melon and winter melon. All of these are good summer products.

4. Strength-measuring Exercise in Small Summer

In summer season, we should avoid excessive intensity of exercise. Walking, Taijiquan, swimming, yoga and other sports can be chosen in the morning or evening. Whatever exercise method you choose, you should pay attention to avoid sweating after exercise. Swimming is the most suitable sport for midsummer. It can not only keep fit, but also relieve the heat. Swimming can prevent and treat cervical and lumbar diseases, enhance cardiopulmonary function and enhance the body's immunity. In addition, in hot weather, yoga can calm people's restless mood caused by hot weather and play a calming role. So in the summer season, doing yoga often helps to ease the mood and achieve the key points of keeping fit with less movement and more quiet.

Recipe Recommendation: Grape Juice

[Ingredients] Fresh grape juice 1500ml.

[Practice] Grape juice is boiled over gentle fire, concentrated to a thick paste, doubled by honey, and then boiled until ceasefire. It is cooled and boiled for reserve, 1 tbsp each time. Boiled water is washed to replace tea. This method can moisten the lung to treat deficiency and enhance digestive function.

Jilin Daily

Planning: Jiang Zhongxiao

Author: Zhang He, an all-media reporter of Jilin Daily

Editor: Li Na

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