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Archives You think the four ways of keeping fit will destroy your health! Check yourself quickly! Health preservation methods,iron tannate,inflammatory diseases,Cordyceps sinensis,health preservation October 12, 2019

Health, only do the right thing can be beneficial to health! And the following four "health preservation methods", and certainly not health preservation, we must pay attention to!

1. Drink tea after meals:Wrong!


As the hometown of tea, many people in our country like to drink tea.

Indeed, tea is rich in nutrients and contains many trace elements beneficial to the human body. But when we have just eaten enough, drinking tea immediately will often hinder the human body's absorption of iron in food. Tannic acid in tea will also combine with iron to form iron tannate, which will make it more difficult for the body to absorb iron.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not drink tea after meals, especially strong tea, try to choose before meals or within 1-2 hours after meals.

2. Don't eat staple food: wrong!

Many people think that rice, pasta and other carbohydrate-based food are prone to cause obesity and chronic diseases, often replaced by fruit and other foods.

In fact, what we usually call staple food is food, which is the main source of human energy.

Excessive or low carbohydrate supply will lead to unbalanced dietary patterns. Therefore, this insistence on not eating staple foods is one-sided.

3. Vegetarian Only: Wrong!


Others just eat vegetarian food instead of meat, thinking that this can reduce the incidence of disease.

In fact, for vegetarians, poor diet can easily lead to nutritional deficiency, and even lead to heart disease, infectious diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases and other diseases.

Therefore, we do not recommend that you eat a vegetarian diet, if you still can not accept meat, then pay attention to the balance and collocation of food, can be in the daily diet of soybean products, eggs, dairy and other appropriate intake, to ensure the intake of nutrients required by the human body.

4. Eating supplements indiscriminately: Wrong!


If you are a healthy person, and pay attention to health, there is no need to eat supplements. Don't use ginseng, deer antler, Cordyceps sinensis and so on. If you eat it for a long time, it will make your body in a state of overcompensation.

If you really want to eat, you must eat at the doctor's command.

Material source: pulse health

Editor: ZHFDA team

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