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Avoid Nurturing Kidney First: Nurturing Kidney violates these taboos, no wonder you have little effect. Kidney deficiency,tonifying kidney,kidney yin deficiency,nourishing kidney,kidney October 12, 2019

There is an old saying: kidney contains essence and can nourish and warm the five organs of the human body. This shows the importance of kidney. So modern people pay more and more attention to the maintenance of kidney. There are endless ways to nourish kidney and kidney. But kidney also pays attention to methods. We must not go into the misunderstanding of nourishing kidney.

What are the misunderstandings of nourishing the kidney?

1. To strengthen Yang is to nourish the kidney? This is not so.

In many people's eyes, the key to nourishing kidney is to strengthen yang. In fact, there is no clear distinction between nourishing kidney and strengthening yang. In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency is usually divided into kidney-yang deficiency and kidney-yin deficiency, and Kidney-tonifying refers to tonifying kidney-yang or kidney-yin. What we call yang-tonifying drugs is to tonify kidney-yang, aiming at tonifying kidney-yang. If we need kidney-yin but blindly take yang-tonifying drugs, in fact, it will bring adverse effects.

2. Physical discomfort is kidney deficiency? This is not so.

Fast-paced life leads to people's poor physical fitness, which also causes large and small problems. Many people think that these problems are caused by kidney deficiency, so once the body has discomfort, they rush to choose tonifying kidney. In fact, this is wrong.

For example, many people think that tinnitus is caused by kidney deficiency, but the weak spleen and stomach can also cause tinnitus. If only blindly tonifying the kidney will delay treatment and even be harmful to the kidney, the correct way is to conduct a comprehensive examination and targeted treatment.

3. Kidney tonifying emphasizes quick effect? This is not so.

Many people emphasize fast and effective kidney tonifying, but often haste is not enough or even harmful to kidney health. This blindly fast kidney tonifying method is not advisable. We need to know that kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency are the relationship of mutual restriction and dependence. Generally, tonifying the kidney requires a long period of time and emphasizes the gradual conditioning.

4. Kidney tonifying is just a man's business? This is not so.

Most people think it's just a man's business to invigorate the kidney, but in fact, women also need it. Once a woman has kidney deficiency, she will have back pain, weakness, amenorrhea, excessive sweating and other problems. If she can not improve the symptoms of kidney deficiency in time, she will even cause a series of health problems. Kidney is the innate foundation of human beings. Both men and women should pay attention to the daily work of nourishing the kidney and tonifying the kidney.

5. Young people don't need kidney nourishment? This is not so.

Many young people are too confident about their health. They think that nourishing the kidney is a matter for the elderly and they don't need to nourish the kidney. In fact, this is a wrong idea.

Young people often suffer from kidney deficiency symptoms such as insomnia, dreaminess and fatigue due to frequent staying up late at work or night life, neglect of work and rest, and high pressure. At this time, more attention should be paid to kidney-nourishing and kidney-nourishing. Only in this way can we get away from the trouble of kidney deficiency.

6. Kidney nourishing must take medicine? This is not so.

When it comes to nourishing the kidney, many people think of taking tonics or tonics for the first time, but in fact, all drugs have certain toxic and side effects. Especially, there are many kinds of tonifying kidney drugs on the market nowadays, especially kidney-yang deficiency and kidney-yin deficiency.

It is suggested that after defining the type of kidney deficiency, we should choose appropriate kidney tonic and pay attention to healthy living and eating habits. Only in this way can we really maintain kidney health.

Nowadays, there are many ways to nourish the kidney. We should be alert to the six misunderstandings of nourishing the kidney. Only by nourishing the kidney correctly can we effectively reduce the incidence of kidney disease and make ourselves healthy and long-lived.

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