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Avoid Having violated the taboo of health preservation, health preservation is equal to white health preservation. The master of traditional Chinese medicine pointed out the disorder of health preservation. Living in Chang,Sanzi Jing,Huangdi Neijing,Health Care,Traditional Chinese Medicine October 12, 2019

Health preservation is to nourish the body and mind, make the whole body reach a better state, and better adapt to social changes.

But at present, many people in health care, committed health care taboos are not known.

Health preservation equals white maintenance!

Thousands of years ago, the classic of traditional Chinese medicine, Huangdi Neijing, pointed out that food and drink are festive and daily life is frequent.

But in today's society, how many peopleFood and drink "no" festival, living "no" often!

Eat millet porridge in the morning to nourish stomach, barbecue beer in the evening to overeat;

During the day, I took Chinese medicine to treat insomnia, and at night I watched my cell phone till late at night.

While eating Chinese medicine tonifying the kidney, while indulging in uncontrolled voice and color;

Such a regimen will not work.

On the contrary, it is harmful to oneself! __________.

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic: Nowadays, people also use wine as pulp, take delusion as constant, get drunk to enter the room, exhaust their essence, dissipate their true, do not know how to hold full, from time to time emperor God, make their hearts happy, go against life and joy, live without chastity, so half a hundred and decayed.

Nowadays, people are not the same. They drink alcohol as water, making the abnormal life a habit. When they are drunk, they indulge in houses and indulge in excessive indulgence, exhausting Yin. In order to satisfy their hobbies, they dissipate their true Qi. They do not know how to carefully keep their essence full and are not good at maintaining their spirits. They are not good at maintaining their spirits for a moment, but they are quick, violating the pleasure of life, living and working irregularly, and they are less than half-a-century old.

Ancient books thousands of years ago are still suitable for today!

Health preservation should not be merely oral.

We should incorporate the concept of health preservation into our life.

Spiritual integrity, never sick!

Only when concepts and behaviors are consistent can diseases be avoided and physical and mental health be maintained.

Health, to start down-to-earth!

Health preservation three-character scriptures:

Fa Yin and Yang, and Shu Number, the beginning of a person, long life, re-health, never fade. If you want to live a long life, you should keep fit, have a broad mind, not be impatient, not quarrel, and worry, you can throw it away. Emotional comfort, good Qi and blood, strong bones and muscles, win tonic, run and jump more, dynamic and static knot, good health.

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