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Avoid Emotional Health: All Seasons have their own taboos Health,People's Network,Lin Daiyu,Huangdi Neijing October 12, 2019

Have you ever had the experience of turning blue when you are angry, forgetting your image when you are overjoyed, thinking too much and losing your appetite? These anger, complacency, thinking and so on are all our ideological activities, but they are closely related to our health.

"The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" pointed out: "Liver aspires to anger, heart aspires to happiness, spleen aspires to think, lung aspires to worry, kidney aspires to fear." At the same time, the health of these organs corresponds to seasonal changes. In the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, which emotions are the most harmful, and how can we protect our physical and mental health?

Avoid anger in spring

Anger is the emotional expression of unhappiness, even resentment, because of things that do not conform to reason or one's own mood. This mood makes Qi Qi not smooth, and after anger, it causes Qi Qi to develop too much, and when angry, it appears to be abrupt and abrupt, which is quite wooden. Spring belongs to wood, matching belongs to the liver, so the liver is hurt in anger. Anger can upset the liver-qi and increase the liver-yang, thus damaging the liver-yin, prone to high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, blush, even syncope and other discomforts. It can be said that anger is to punish oneself with the mistakes of others, so in order to protect the liver, the most important thing is not to be too angry. When you encounter something irritating, you may as well count three times silently to calm down your mood and treat it rationally.

Summer worries

Considering the similarity of seven emotions and thoughts is the thinking and speculation of things and opinions. Consideration is mostly governed by the spleen, which corresponds to summer. Normal thinking does not affect the normal physiological activities of human beings. However, excessive thinking not only consumes sadness, but also affects the spleen's function. Especially in summer when the spleen is trapped by dampness and heat, excessive thinking is apt to lead to the stagnation of mid-Jiao Qi, the deterioration of water valleys and the depression of spirit, and then the symptoms of spleen and stomach discomfort such as slow reaction, lack of diet, abdominal distention, dyspepsia and so on appear. In summer, the spleen is easily trapped by damp pathogens, so mental workers should pay attention to the combination of work and leisure.

Autumn must not be sad

Sorrow and sorrow belong to the great taboo of autumn. Worry is a state of anxiety and depression by worrying about something unknown and unwilling to happen. Sadness is like the desolation of autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves. It has no vitality and its vitality is restrained. Since ancient times, sad autumn is lonely, so autumn is also the season of high-yield poetry. Excessive grief not only injures the lungs, but also warns the body: there are signs of pallor, depression, shortness of breath, chest tightness, fatigue and laziness. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, Su Question and Pain-lifting Theory" said: "Sorrow is anxious, the lungs are lifted, but the upper Jiao is impassable, Ying Wei is not dispersed, the heat is in the middle, so the gas disappears." For a long time, Cheng Lin Daiyu is frail and afraid of the wind and cold. The lungs are delicate, dry in autumn and weak. Sadness can make things worse, so we should replace them with positive and optimistic feelings.

Fear of winter

Fear is the tension that arises when an organism tries to get rid of a dangerous and powerless situation. Excessive panic injuries the kidney, prone to fecal incontinence, or even spermatorrhea. Storage of everything in winter accumulates energy for the coming year. Fear makes kidney-qi storage negligent and unhealthy. Therefore, keeping a calm mind and calm when things happen will not only make life smoother, but also bring good changes to the body.

Of course, the relationship between emotions and physical health is complex. We should not mechanically assume that emotions will only hurt the internal organs, nor should we think that the corresponding emotions in each season will be all right and indulge other emotions. In addition, if a certain mood lasts for a long time or has a high frequency, such as often losing temper or often feeling pessimistic and depressive, timely medical treatment should be conducted to determine whether it is caused by certain diseases. (Source: People's Network)

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