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Avoid What foods do pancreatic cancer patients eat after surgery? What dietary taboos do they have? pancreatic cancer October 12, 2019

What to eat after pancreatic cancer surgery? This is related to whether pancreatic cancer surgery can quickly restore health. Pancreatic cancer is one of the common cancers, and its malignant degree is very high, which has great harm to people's health. So once diagnosed, timely treatment is needed. In order to recover better after treatment, the most important thing is what to eat. Then we will understand what to eat and what not to eat after pancreatic cancer surgery.

What can I eat after pancreatic cancer surgery to help recovery?

1. Pancreatic cancer patients often use food such as tonifying qi and blood, invigorating spleen and nourishing stomach after operation.Such as glutinous rice, red beans, broad beans, yam, wolfberry, light vegetables, figs, hazelnuts, milk, water chestnut powder, etc. Eat more light and easy to digest, low fat diet, eat less and more meals, such as thin lotus root powder, rice soup, tomato soup, egg soup, Dregs Removal mung bean soup, vegetable juice, thin noodle soup, pig liver soup, soybean milk, etc.

2. Eat more nutritious foodsTo pay attention to the diversification of diet, try to choose a diet that is easy to digest, less irritating and low fat. It can give high-protein, multi-carbohydrate food, such as fish, animal liver and so on.

3. Eat more food to enhance immunity and anti-pancreatic cancerFor example, turtles, turtles, eat more anti-infective food: fish, turtles, duck meat, mung bean sprouts, olives, black plum, mung beans, red beans, balsam pear and so on are very helpful to the recovery of pancreatic cancer.

Food Avoidance after Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

1. Avoid greasy food and high animal fat food, such as fat meat, mutton, meat floss, shellfish, peanuts, sesame, pastry and so on.

2. Develop good eating habits. Avoid overeating and overeating. Protein and sugar should also be properly controlled. The pancreas is one of the main organs secreting digestive enzymes, especially lipase, which is secreted mainly by the pancreas. Once pancreatic cancer occurs, the digestion of fat will be seriously affected.

3. Avoid smoking, alcohol and acid, hemp, spicy and stimulating food, such as onion, garlic, ginger, pepper, pepper and so on.

4. Avoid mildew, frying, smoking and pickling food, such as salted fish, pickles, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, fried food, pastries, butter, ice cream, etc.

5. Diabetic patients are more likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer, so special attention should be paid to their diet. Diabetics who smoke heavily for a long time and eat a high-fat, high-animal-protein diet are much more likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer.

Reminder:Although pancreatic cancer is dangerous, but do not lose confidence in treatment. At present, many patients with pancreatic cancer have achieved survival with cancer, understand the basic knowledge of what to eat after pancreatic cancer surgery, and pay more attention to their daily diet. I hope that every patient with pancreatic cancer after surgery can recover as soon as possible.

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