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Men How can a man's private pain or orchitis be treated quickly? Treatment,how,effect,pain,privacy,or orchitis,male October 12, 2019

Chronic pain in men's private areas is often a symptom of orchitis, but testicular pain is not necessarily proportional to the severity of inflammation, orchitis has a great impact on men's health. If you suffer from orchitis, you must come to the hospital as early as possible to standardize treatment. So how can the treatment effect be quick?

Private pain or orchitis in men!

Chronic pain in men's private areas is often a symptom of orchitisSome patients suffer from mild, generalized pain and radiation pain. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose inflammation. In addition, it is necessary to remind patients that testicular pain is not necessarily proportional to the severity of inflammation. Because of the high sensitivity of patients, mild inflammation can also cause severe pain, but some patients will not feel obvious pain if their nerves avoid delay.

Men's private pain sometimes occurs after sexual life, which may be caused by high congestion of genitals and prostates caused by sexual life. Experts point out that in order to achieve early detection and early treatment, when men suffer from chronic private pain symptoms, it is better to go to the hospital early for examination and treatment.

How is orchitis treated quickly?

1. Treatment should be given in the early stage of onset.

Acute orchitis is an acute inflammatory disease caused by infection. If found, it should be treated in time. The general treatment of orchitis. Patients in acute stage must rest in bed, and take cryptocyst support or clothing or ribbon to lift the scrotum, reduce the weight of the scrotum sagging caused by falling, swelling, pain and other discomfort symptoms.

2. Good nursing measures during treatment.

During the treatment, the patient lifted the scrotum and applied it locally. Skin swelling of scrotum is obvious. Drug solution is used for hot and humid compress in order to reduce inflammation. For testicular abscess, aspiration or incision and drainage may be considered. When the testis is completely destroyed due to suppuration, the diseased testis can be removed.

3. Eat moderately.

This method of treatment of orchitis is used in the acute stage of orchitis, especially in fever, which consumes more energy. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement calories, especially sugar, high protein, vitamin and high calorie foods.

4. External application of cold and hot.

Cold compress or cold water sitz bath in the early stage of inflammation can reduce inflammatory edema and inflammatory exudation. In the middle and late stages, hot compress or hot sitz bath can be used to promote the dissipation of inflammation.

Warm reminder:Patients suffering from andrological diseases, in the diagnosis and treatment, please be sure to choose a regular andrological hospital, do not taboo the doctor, and do not blindly treat, in order to avoid greater harm to themselves.

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