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Men What about a man's penis? Is it reliable to prolong the penis by surgery? Penis,prolongation,spectrum,surgery,through,small,how to do October 12, 2019

In many men's minds, the development of the penis represents the masculinity quality of men, and large penis can show the majesty of men; small penis, wife will not be satisfied with sex, and even affect fertility, so care for their penis development. So what about men's penises? By doing surgery to prolong the penis dependable? Here's a look.

What is a penis?

Micropenis refers to the normal appearance of the penis, the ratio of length to diameter is normal, but the length of the penis body is less than 2.5 standard deviation of the average length of the normal penis. The length of the penis refers to the distance from the top of the penis to the pubic symphysis when the penis is fully erected. Adults usually have a penis less than 3 cm in length.

Sex experts say that as long as the size of boys is not too small, the relationship between love experience is not very big. Girls have repeatedly stressed that they value the safety and love of boys more, and love skills are much more important than Ding's size.

But many boys are still very entangled, eh. Maybe size is about face. How to get bigger dependably is a problem. It's like a machine. It's a lot more important.~

Drug enlargement is teasing you.

There are many medicines that claim to be able to enlarge a boy's Ding Ding, such as Bonaparte, Men No. 1, etc. But if you ask Xiaobian, I will tell you that these are all bullshit. There are no reliable drugs that can really increase the boy's Ding. And Xiaobian will also tell you that those medicines may be harmful to your health. It's better to give up Ding by increasing the amount of medicines.

Increasing the frequency of penile surgery is unreliable

Just as girls can get their boobs bigger by breast augmentation, Ding Ding can also be solved by surgery. But sex experts don't recommend it, because it's going to cost a lot.

For example, you can inject fat to make the handsome Ding thicker, but the consequences are likely to make Ding Ding ugly, although big, an ugly Ding is also difficult to save self-esteem and face.

Cutting the suspension ligament is also a kind of operation that can prolong Ding Ding, but after that, Ding Ding may not be as good-looking as before. When he has an erection, he is always very shriveled, alas, Ding Ding is also the former Ding Ding.

Boys, can you accept this kind of Ding Ding to become like this? Surgery to increase Ding, it can really increase, but the cost is too big, also unreliable.

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