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Men What Attentions Should Male Infertility Patients Pay Attention to Infertility,patients,what,precautions,in peacetime,should,attention,men October 12, 2019

What should male infertility patients pay attention to at ordinary times? Generally speaking, couples cohabit for one year after marriage, without any contraceptive measures, because of male reasons, spouses can not be pregnant can be initially diagnosed as male infertility. In order to prevent and treat the disease, male friends should pay attention to the following points in daily life.

Attentions of Male Infertility Patients

1. Have healthy and reasonable eating habits.

Less sugar, less fat, less fast food, avoid food containing preservatives and colorants. More zinc and selenium should be taken in foods that can promote sperm motility, such as dairy products, fish, oysters, liver, soybeans, black beans, black rice, etc.

Fruits and vegetables should be washed repeatedly before eating. Do not use hot plastic food containers to heat the food or heat the food, because these boxes will produce estrogen when they are hot, which will lead to the disorder of hormone secretion and inhibit the sexual desire, and also affect the spermatogenic function of the testicles.

2. Try not to smoke or drink.

Tobacco and alcohol are not only the enemies of eugenics and eugenics, but also a cause of male infertility. Because cigarette smoke contains strong teratogenic substances, male smoking often reduces sperm, smoking 20 cigarettes a day, sperm survival rate is only 50%, and there are many kinds of abnormal sperm, resulting in the risk of infertility or birth of congenital abnormal children.

Excessive drinking can endanger reproductive system function, lead to endocrine disorders, and change the chromosome structure and number of germ cells. In the semen of long-term drinkers, the number of sperm decreases, the motility decreases, and the incidence of impotence, infertility and male feminization increases significantly.

3. Check your life to avoid all kinds of genital tract infections.

Male genital tract infection often causes orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, urethritis and so on. The pathogens causing infection are gonococcus, tuberculosis bacillus, virus, mycoplasma, Chlamydia trachomatis, trichomonas and other non-specific pathogens, among which the most common pathogens are mycoplasma and chlamydia.

Reproductive tract infection can affect sperm production and motility, resulting in oligozoospermia and azoospermia caused by obstruction of the vas deferens. In addition, genital tract infection can also cause dysfunction of prostate secretion and semen liquefaction factor deficiency, resulting in semen non-liquefaction, which is the direct cause of infertility.

4. Avoid excessive temperature of bath water (especially not frequent sauna).

Avoid wearing tight underwear and jeans, and don't sit in a soft chair or drive for long periods of time. This is because: under normal circumstances, sperm can develop normally only in a constant temperature environment of 34 ~ 35 (3 ~ 4 lower than the body temperature). If the temperature of the scrotum is often higher than this standard, it will be very harmful to the growth of sperm, or cause too much "dead sperm" and infertility. Tight jeans are not only airtight and heat-resistant, but also oppress male reproductive organs, affecting the normal development of testicles.

5. Get married at the right age. Don't give birth too late.

Nowadays, the concept of "starting a career first and then starting a family" prevails, and the age of marriage and childbearing of men is generally delayed. According to research, male fertility declines naturally after the age of 35. For a long time, people have emphasized that older women are prone to abortion, but often neglected the influence of father's age on abortion.

A new study shows that the older the father is, the more likely the fetus is to miscarry. The new study shows that if a father is older than 35, the risk of a wife's miscarriage doubles when the father is younger than 35. So for the happiness of the family and the health of the offspring, men should not marry and have children too late.

6. Keep a good attitude and avoid the distress of bad moods such as anxiety and tension.

When a person is in a negative mood for a long time, his endocrine and immune functions will be significantly reduced, and his sexual and sperm functions will be affected accordingly. Finally, it should be pointed out that couples suffering from infertility must not blindly believe in advertising and propaganda. It is better to visit and consult public hospitals with strong technical force and good public reputation, so as to avoid losing money and delaying treatment.

As a green therapy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on differentiation of symptoms and signs in the treatment of infertility. It pays attention to individualized treatment. It has incomparable advantages in other therapies. Parents who are eager for their children may try it.

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