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Women When is the first pregnancy test paper most accurate? What are the test results Several,testing,results,test paper,when,most,early pregnancy October 12, 2019

Early pregnancy test paper is a convenient product for women to test whether they are pregnant or not. It can only be used as a preliminary screening test, and there will be false positive or false negative.

When is the most accurate test paper for early pregnancy?

The working principle of self-test of pregnancy with early pregnancy test paper is to detect the value of hCG, that is, the value of human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced by the placenta and usually appears in the urine after a few days of pregnancy, but because of its small amount, it is not easy to test until 10-14 days before it becomes more and more obvious.

For newly pregnant women, the first urine test in the morning is generally recommended, and the results are more accurate. But for women who have been pregnant for a period of time, urine can be tested at any time of the day.

From the same room to pregnancy generally takes about 7 days, that is to say, the day of pregnancy (equivalent to 7 days after the same room) can detect pregnancy, but the accuracy is not high. Usually after 14 days in the same room, the test results will be more accurate.

Use of Early Pregnancy Test Paper

1. Use disposable urine cups or clean containers to collect urine.

2. Tear along the incision of the aluminium foil bag and take out the test paper for testing.

3. Strip: Immerse one end of the test paper with arrow marks in a container containing urine samples to be examined (urine samples are not allowed to exceed MAX-ray). Remove and lay flat after about 3 seconds.

Card type: 0.2 mL (3-4 drops) of urine samples to be examined were sucked by suction tube in the sampling area.

Pen Style: Pull out the cap and let the urine drip directly into the sample area during urination, and maintain the urination time for 3 seconds (please note: the urine should not exceed the arrow, so as not to wet the test area and affect the test results).

4. Observe the test results in the test area: Observe the test results in 5-10 minutes. The colour was strongly positive within 40 seconds.

Several Test Results of Early Pregnancy Test Paper

1. Negative:A purple-red line (line C) appeared in the test area, indicating that she was not pregnant.

2. Positive:There were two purple-red lines in the test area (control line C and test line T), indicating pregnancy. The color intensity of the test line at different stages of pregnancy varies with the change of HCG concentration.

3. Invalid:There is no purple-red line in the test area or only one purple-red line in the test area (T line of the test line), indicating that the test failed or the test paper was invalid, it should be retested.

Notes on the Use of Early Pregnancy Test Paper

1. Urine dilution. If you drink too much water to dilute your urine, it may lead to false negative results.

2. Testing in the morning and evening may have some influence on the results. Morning urine generally has the highest HCG value, so many instructions recommend early morning detection, but this is not absolute.

3. Pay attention to the length of urine immersion test paper. Sometimes too long a urine immersion test paper may make it difficult to judge the test results.

4. Don't judge whether or not you are pregnant by the results of the test in the case of recent pregnancy. Because HCG can remain positive for a long period of time after termination of pregnancy (after delivery, spontaneous abortion and induced abortion).

5. Some diseases and drugs may cause false positive results. Some tumors, such as hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma, bronchial and renal cancer, also secrete hCG.

6. Do not use expired test paper. Because the chemical reagent will lose its effectiveness after a long time, we should pay attention to the production date when purchasing it.

7. Don't use damp test paper.

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