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Women Breast-feeding only needs to do these five points, so much milk to let the baby eat! Baby,not finished,milk,just need,feeding,do well,5 o'clock,breast milk October 12, 2019

For newborn babies, breast milk is the best nutrition, but some mothers are worried: not enough breast milk, or there is no milk at all! What can we do about it? As a result, the elders of the family made a magic weapon, a variety of fish soup, pig's hoof soup, bone soup and so on.

But can these soups and water really help milk? Come with Xiaobian~

First let's talk about the traditional recipe for dairy. Is it really reliable?

For example, the so-called chicken soup, crucian carp soup, pig's hoof soup, sparerib soup and so on, really have the effect of milk? In fact, there is no final conclusion yet.

1. The soup is white in color and rich in nutrition.

The orthodox view:

According to the principle of "taking analogy and complementing shape by shape", most people think that these thick and white soups are not only nutritious, but also similar to milk and have the effect of milk.

Opposite view:

With thick white soup, only protein and fat in the soup have emulsified, thus there is milky white phenomenon;

Nutrition is not as rich as expected. The nutrients of pig hooves, chicken, fish and so on can not be dissolved in the soup too much. Therefore, most of the water and inorganic salts or fat are consumed. Nutritional intake is not much, but more oil and water;

Because of the hardship of life in the past and the weakness of postpartum Baoma, it is necessary to supplement the fat in soup to make milk. And now the conditions are good, postpartum mother also has enough fat, not necessarily need to supplement fat. (That's why some mothers are getting fatter and fatter when breastfeeding. After all, they drink so much soup and oil and water.)

2. Surveys show that these foods can milk?

The orthodox view:

According to the latest edition of Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2016, surveys show that soybeans, peanuts, pork leg, pork ribs or pork tail and other meat soups, as well as crucian carp soup, yellow cauliflower chicken soup, pork feet and egg boiled soup, can promote milk secretion.

Opposite view:

At present, there is no substantial and reliable evidence to prove that eating a certain kind of food has the effect of lactation.

It's just that when you drink these soups, you take in a lot of water, which has a certain effect on maintaining the internal pressure of the mammary ductal system, can promote lactation, and provide raw materials for the production of milk, so you have the idea of breast feeding.

In fact, it's more important for BMW to have a balanced diet.

The daily nutritional standard is 250 to 300 grams of cereals, 75 grams of potatoes and 500 grams of vegetables, of which more than 2/3 are green leafy vegetables and red and yellow colored vegetables.

Fruits need 200 to 400 g. Fish, poultry, eggs and meat (including animal viscera) are 220 g per day.

In addition, it is better to drink 400 to 500 ml of milk, and intake of soybeans 25g, nuts 10g, cooking oil 25g, salt is not more than 6G and so on.

It can be seen that there is still a debate about what kind of food can be breast-fed.

Not to mention that there is no evidence to prove which kind of food can be eaten, even if it has the effect of milk, it is not only by eating one kind of food, but also by cooperating in all aspects.

Now, how can we better promote milk secretion?

Scientific and effective ways of feeding milk are as follows:

1. Diet: balanced nutrition

More protein intake:

For example, fish, poultry, meat, eggs, milk and soybeans, these foods are best eaten more than three kinds a day, and all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts and so on should also be properly intake.

Drink plenty of water:

Baoma drinks no less than 2100 ml of water, or 10-11 glasses of water, alone every day. If it's hot, drink more.

Choose a light soup with less oil and salt:

It can be soup made of fish, lean meat, lean spareribs, skinned poultry, or egg flower, tofu, vegetable soup, rice soup, noodle soup, etc. It is a good choice. Don't drink all kinds of thick soup.

Ps: Don't forget to eat meat while drinking soup, because most of the nutrition is in meat.

2. Breast-feeding: sucking as early as possible

One hour after delivery, Baoma will start breastfeeding her baby. And let the baby suck more, suck diligently, suck at least 10 times in 24 hours, sucking 10-15 minutes each time, which is conducive to the secretion of milk.

Ps: Every time you try to let your baby suck the milk from your breast, because the more stimulating it is, the more milk your breast secretes. Remember, don't save milk.

3. Mentality: Keep a good mood

Do not be anxious or discouraged because of the lack of milk secretion in a short period of time. We must maintain a pleasant mood and good mental state, so as to facilitate the secretion of milk.

Ps: When relatives and friends come to visit Baoma, it's better not to ask Baoma whether she has milk or whether she has enough milk. This invisibly will also increase the psychological burden of BMW.

4. Living and Living: Regular Work and Rest

Do your best to work and rest regularly, to ensure more than 8 hours of sleep a day, to avoid overwork.

Ps: Postpartum exercise should also be done to avoid fat accumulation.

5. Nursing: appropriate massage and hot compress

When the baby does not drink milk, Bao's mother can massage her breasts by herself, or hot compress with a warm towel, while massaging her breasts from outside to inside.

Ps: If you feel that your massage is not good, you can ask a professional lactating therapist for massage, which can also promote milk secretion.

Therefore, in order to have healthy and adequate milk, all aspects are indispensable.

Having said so much, you treasure mothers should also know that milk is not just enough to supplement all kinds of soup water, but also need to combine various ways to better lactation.

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