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Women Does ovulation bleeding lead to infertility? Understand these three symptoms first Understanding,three,symptoms,bleeding,leading to infertility,ovulation October 12, 2019

For female friends, in addition to bleeding during menstruation, there are also some female friends bleeding during ovulation, which makes many female friends particularly worried. Is ovulation bleeding infertile? Why does bleeding occur during ovulation?

Is ovulation bleeding infertile?

1. No infertility

In fact, it is very normal for female friends to have bleeding symptoms during ovulation, which will not have any impact on pregnancy, and when estrogen affects bleeding symptoms, they can still carry out normal pregnancy. Female friends don't need to worry too much. They can have a couple's life. In fact, almost all female friends will bleed during ovulation, but some women bleed very little, even with the naked eye can not see, but some women bleed very obviously.

2. Causes of bleeding

There are two causes of bleeding during ovulation. First of all, during the ovulation period of women, estrogen level will have a very large pulsation, after ovulation, hormone will soon decline, and estrogen will cause endometrial loss of support, resulting in bleeding. Secondly, if a woman suffers from chronic inflammation of the endometrium, it will also cause bleeding, or when ovulation occurs, the blood vessels on the ovarian surface will rupture, the amount of bleeding will be slightly more, and will flow to the uterine cavity with the peristalsis of the fallopian tube, discharging the body.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhage during ovulation

1. Follicle rupture

The cause of bleeding during ovulation can be traced to the rupture of the follicle and the release of the egg, because when you are about to ovulate, luteinizing hormone weakens and disintegrates the tissue on the surface of the follicle, creating a hole or stigma that eventually releases the egg onto the fallopian tube. As the surface of the follicle ruptures, you may notice bloodstains or spots in the vagina during ovulation, which is the main cause of bleeding during ovulation.

2. The decrease of estrogen level

When you ovulate, bleeding symptoms may be normal, because estrogen levels are higher at the beginning of your menstrual cycle to maintain endometrial thickening. After ovulation, the level of estrogen decreased, and even the growth of endometrial membrane could not be maintained, resulting in local exfoliation, resulting in a small amount of bleeding. In general, after ovulation, estrogen and progesterone rise will soon repair the endometrium, and the bleeding will stop. Ovulation bloodstains are pink or brown in appearance, not dark red, and blood often has a cervical mucus similar to egg white inside.

3. Physical health problems

There are many reasons for bleeding during ovulation, usually normal physiological phenomena. It is not too worrying to drip or bleed slightly during ovulation. It should be noted that if you have irregular or severe bleeding throughout the menstrual cycle, you should consider hospital examinations to determine the cause of bleeding. Generally, the causes of ovulation bleeding may be pelvic inflammation, uterine erosion, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, etc. It is best to find problems in time and treat them as early as possible.

Treatment of Ovulatory Hemorrhage

The treatment of ovulatory bleeding does make use of some foods. If the ovulation period has been bleeding many times, but the symptoms of patients with mild, dietary conditioning effect is more significant. Patients can eat more fish and shrimp, black bone chicken, black sesame or eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits are also essential. Try not to eat fried fried and spicy food. Pay attention to emotional regulation, because emotions can also affect ovulation bleeding, will prolong the bleeding time. The following recipes can be used for the treatment of ovulation bleeding.

The recipe for the treatment of ovulation bleeding is Angelica mutton soup. The patient should prepare a kilogram of mutton, Angelica 3, jujube and a little dried ginger. Cut ginger into shreds first, then clean the other ingredients and put them together in a pot for stewing, usually 120 minutes. Women with ovulation bleeding need to eat twice a day to nourish their blood.Enriching blood Chinese yam wolfberry porridge is used to treat ovulation bleeding. Sixty grams of rice, Chinese yam and a little Chinese wolfberry are used to make porridge at the same time, which can nourish yin and stop bleeding.

During the treatment of ovulation hemorrhage patients can also drink celery lotus root soup. Take appropriate amount of fresh celery and lotus root slices, but also 15 grams of raw oil, celery and lotus root were washed, the celery shredded, lotus root slices. Pour raw oil into the pot and heat it. Stir-fry celery and lotus root slices. Finally, according to your taste habits, season with various condiments. Celery and lotus root can be cooked together to cool the heat and blood.

Raw ground porridge is also suitable for patients with ovulation bleeding. First, prepare some japonica rice and raw land. Wash and boil the raw land twice before extracting the juice. Japonica rice is boiled with water. After boiling, pour in the medicinal juice and continue boiling for 10 minutes. Women can nourish kidney, cool blood and stop bleeding after eating. The treatment of ovulation bleeding should also pay attention to life and mental conditioning. Pay attention to hygiene. Always change your underwear and dry it in the sun. Pay attention to keeping warm and strengthen exercise.

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