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Women What about premenstrual syndrome in women? These six medicinal meals will help you. Medicinal diet,6 items,help you,prophase,syndrome,how to do,female October 12, 2019

Premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS) refers to a series of mental, behavioral and physical symptoms that occur repeatedly 7-14 days before the current menstruation (i.e. in the luteal phase of menstrual cycle), and disappear immediately after menstruation. As the mental and emotional disorders of the disease are more prominent, it was previously named "premenstrual tension syndrome" and "premenstrual tension syndrome". Don't panic if you suffer from premenstrual syndrome. You can adjust it by diet. Here we recommend a dietary prescription suitable for premenstrual syndrome.

Medicinal and Dietary Formulas for Improving Premenstrual Syndrome

1. Orange Peel Congee

20 g orange peel and 100 g japonica rice. The orange peel was decocted, juiced and dregs removed, and then added to the porridge with japonica rice. It is used for those who have breast distention and abnormal emotions.

2. Date rice

Dangshen 25g, jujube 50g, glutinous rice 250g, sugar 100g. Codonopsis pilosula and jujube were boiled together for 50 g of juice. The jujube was placed at the bottom of the bowl, steamed rice with glutinous rice was put on it, and sugar was added after cooking. Used for diarrhea and edema.

3. Yehuai Mountain Dew

Orange leaf 30g, Chinese yam 30g, Paeonia lactiflora 15g, sugar 30g. Put orange leaves and Paeonia lactiflora into the pot, add water to a proper amount, and fry the soup for dregs. Soak yam in warm water for 1 hour and mix it in a mixer to form wet powder. Add sugar and boil it with orange leaves and paeony soup in a pot. Used for patients with abnormal mood and breast pain.

4. Golden Horseshoe Maotai Root Drink

Tulip 12g, horseshoe 60g, thatch 30g, ice sugar 30g. Put tulip, horseshoe and thatch root in a pot with 1000ml water, boil over medium heat for 30 minutes, melt with ice sugar, and drink frequently. It is used for premenstrual tension syndrome of stagnation-heat type of liver meridian.

5. Renshan Hawthorn Juice

Spring Amomum seed 9g, jasmine flower 6g, hawthorn 15g, sugar 30g. Wash jasmine flowers and Hawthorn in a pot, add 1000 ml of water, boil for 15 minutes, then go down to the spring Amomum seed, add ice sugar to dissolve, and drink separately. Used for breast pain and headache during menstruation.

6. Steamed Trichogramma

Remove the viscera, wash and drain the water, add ginger and orange peel, add some oil, steam for 10 minutes, pour out the fish juice. Heat oil pan, stir-fry ginger slightly, sprinkle hot sesame oil on fish noodles, pour in soy sauce, and serve. It is used for premenstrual tension syndrome caused by Yin deficiency of liver and kidney.

In addition, the patient's diet should be rich in nutrition and low salt, and the amount of drinking water should be properly controlled. Do not eat cold food during premenstrual period to avoid damaging the spleen and yang, and do not eat spicy food to avoid damaging yin.

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