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Gym How to relax your muscles after exercise to avoid turning into thighs Big,turn into,look at the legs,here,avoid,exercise,how,relax,muscles October 12, 2019

(1) hot compress:

Use hot water to soak the towel in the sore muscles and replace it immediately when there is no heat. Each application lasts more than 15 minutes, 2-3 times per day. Hot compress can dilate the blood vessels of sore muscles, improve blood circulation, alleviate muscle spasm, and help regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

(2) electrotherapy:

Electric excitation therapy and intermittent current therapy are commonly used.

(3) massage:

Most use kneading technique, four fingers together, thumb separated, hand into forceps, the palm and fingers will be close to the skin of sore muscles, thumb and four fingers relative force will be slightly upward, along the centripetal direction for rotational movement. It can also be combined with acupoint massage. After determining the action point, apply pressure on the action point with the middle finger and thumb pulp. Fingers press and rotate slowly and continuously into the depths. Massage for 1-1.5 minutes at each action point.

(4) Oral vitamin C:

Taking vitamins every day is about twice the daily requirement. Continuous taking vitamins for 30 days can prevent or at least alleviate post-exercise muscle pain. Its mechanism of action is still unclear.

(5) Stretching exercises:

Stretching exercises not only help prevent delayed pain, but also alleviate existing delayed pain. But don't use stretching too quickly or too aggressively. Excessive intensity may further damage connective tissue. Static stretching in stretching exercises is a simple and effective method. It is not easy to take too long. There should be rest in the middle to facilitate the smooth flow of blood.

(6) Acupuncture:

Moxibustion therapy is the burning or fumigation of sore muscles by moxa cone or stick made of moxa velvet. Acupuncture has a significant effect on relieving delayed pain. Acupuncture of acupoints or oblique needling (along the direction of muscle fibers) acupoints of sore muscles with hands is often used. Electro-acupuncture therapy can also be used. Acupuncture can be carried out when delayed pain occurs, or when delayed pain does not appear after exercise, which plays a certain preventive role in delayed pain. There are also physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and drug therapy.

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