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Gym How long can muscle ache recover after serious training Talent,recovery,how long,soreness,training,muscle,truth-telling October 12, 2019

DOMS (deep-onset-muscle-soreness) "delayed muscle pain after exercise" is a common phenomenon after exercise: symptoms: local muscle swelling, soreness; muscle contraction process, but also accompanied by pain; time: generally from 12-24 hours after exercise, lasting about 72 hours; principle: at present, academia has "free radical injury", "muscle spasm", "inflammation" and "separation". There are many theories such as "sub-overload", but there is still no clear conclusion.

Muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise is usually accompanied by a marked decline in the maximum muscle strength, and the ability of nerves to control muscles is also relatively weakened... At this time, the body needs adequate rest and a certain period of muscle strength recovery. It is not recommended to continue to weigh heavily in order to avoid discounting the training effect and even causing injury.

DOMS vs lactic acid accumulation has no relationship with half a dime. Lactic acid will re-enter the circulatory metabolism within tens of minutes of exercise, and it will not accumulate for several hours at all. DOMS usually reacts on the second day of exercise.

DOMS vs Muscle Tension Injury: Generally occurs in the process of centrifugation, during exercise, there is severe pain; DOMS: After exercise, it will not show symptoms immediately, mostly 12-24 hours after exercise.

Under the same intensity, single joint movement needs longer time to restore the maximum muscle strength than multi-joint movement (after 48 hours of single joint movement and 24 hours of multi-joint movement); under the same intensity, single joint movement has significantly higher DOMS level than multi-joint movement, and muscle soreness is more obvious;

Studies have shown that continuing exercise after the emergence of DOMS does not increase the degree and duration of DOMS, but can relieve pain and help recovery. Of course, considering that your muscles are weaker and your nerves feel worse at this time, restorative training is not recommended for high-intensity resistance or fast running and jumping. Relatively, it is suggested that cyclic strength training with several times of small weight and slow speed of recovery aerobic training should be the main exercise mode after muscle soreness.

Stretching after soreness is effective in relieving pain. After the occurrence of muscle soreness, some stretching is also effective to relieve the soreness: because stretching can spread the edema of the injured muscle tissue, reduce the tension of the tendon, separate the damaged muscle adhesion, improve the blood circulation, and then relieve the symptoms of DOMS.

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