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Gym The easiest way to walk is to help you get out of the way of health and longevity. Out,health,longevity,help you,health,walking,the simplest October 12, 2019

Several authoritative studies have found that daily fast walking can effectively combat diabetes, reduce stroke and prevent Alzheimer's disease. A study by the University of Loughborough in the UK also found that daily brisk walking can improve immunity and reduce the risk of colds by 30%. For menopausal women, the health function of fast walking is more obvious. After menopause, the risk of women suffering from hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia will gradually increase. Harvard University research found that middle-aged and elderly women walk 45 minutes to 1 hour a day, which reduces the risk of stroke by 40%. Goubo pointed out that in order to ensure the effect of exercise, fast walking should be at least 40 to 60 minutes each time. People who have just started to exercise can gradually increase the frequency and duration of exercise, first walk every other day, starting from half an hour, and then gradually adapt to exercise every day. When the average person walks fast, he feels a little asthmatic and sweats, which indicates that the amount of exercise has reached the standard. Some people like to walk with their hands on their backs. The exercise value of walking is almost zero. The correct posture should be to raise their chest and raise their hips, and swing their arms. It should be noted that diabetics should take lumps of sugar with them when they walk fast to prevent hypoglycemia accidents.

Treatment of Backache by Walking Reversely

Backward walking originated in the 1970s, when some track and field athletes were injured by this method of physical recovery exercises. Later, some sports experts pointed out that backward walking is actually a good way to exercise. Professor Wu Wenqiang of Beijing Sports University pointed out that backward walking can exercise the waist and back muscles seldom used in daily life, and balance the exercise effect. For sedentary people, backward walking can effectively alleviate physical fatigue and back pain. But Goubo reminds us that the old people's physical function is deteriorating and their balance ability is declining. When they walk backwards, they are likely to fall and knock because they can't see the road behind them. In addition, the elderly legs and feet are inconvenient, backward walking can not be too fast, so the intensity of exercise is very small, for the exercise of cardiopulmonary function is very small, from the fitness effect is very uneconomical. Therefore, the elderly try not to go backwards. It is suggested that people who like to walk backwards should choose a smooth road as far as possible, and there are fewer people around them. They can walk forward and backward for half an hour every day, so that all parts of the body's muscles can be exercised.

Step by step slow constipation

Yang Li, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that exercise itself is a natural prescription for improving constipation and is more targeted step by step. The main point of walking a word step is that the left and right feet should step on the middle line between the two feet in turn. While the left and right feet are landing, they should twist their crotch to the left and right sides respectively, and keep their upper body relaxed. This way of walking will drive the crotch twisting, help to increase the waist strength, stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, can effectively prevent and treat constipation. Walking a word step does not need to be too heavy. It is enough to take it as a part of the daily walking exercise. Walking 500 meters is enough. In addition, when walking, we need to pay attention to the hip swing and crotch twisting, not too large, try to maintain body balance, in order to avoid spraining ankle.

Breathing freely while clapping

When walking, the tiger's mouth opens into an arc with half-handed grip. As the left foot moves forward, both hands open to both sides of the body. While the left foot touches the ground, the right hand gently pats the left chest (with the nipple as the origin, the upper quarter of a straight line horizontally and vertically), while the left hand pats the right back waist. Then step on your right leg, pat your right chest with your left hand, and pat your left back with your right hand, as you move forward, as you pat. According to Zhao Zhixin, secretary-general of Beijing Scientific Fitness Expert Lecturer Group, this walking style can exercise the lungs and help breathe smoothly. When walking, keep your body upright and your eyes looking forward.

Walking and running burn fat

The old people who can't walk hunchbacked by throwing their hands and striding often suffer from spinal deformations and hunchbacks because of the weakness and relaxation of their back muscles. When walking, you may as well throw off your hands and stride, which can relax the muscles of the waist and back, at the same time, exercise the muscles of the back and abdomen, and reduce the burden on the waist. When walking, we should pay attention to upright upper body, forward chin, high head, shoulders stretching backward. The appropriate size of stride is the distance between two arms. At the same time, forward and backward arm shaking is generally 80-90 steps per minute.

Goubo pointed out that short-term high-intensity exercise, and then a slightly longer low-intensity exercise, so as to give the body a recovery time, called interval training. Compared with continuous aerobic exercise, interval training has higher intensity and can reduce the pain and fatigue after exercise. At the same time, high-intensity exercise also makes fat burning faster. When exercising, you can run fast for 15 seconds, then walk for 45 seconds, alternating 20 minutes. You can also run for 60 seconds and then walk for 3 minutes, so that you can alternate for 30 minutes, and you can see the effect if you stick to it for a long time. This way is more intensive, shaking the legs after exercise, shaking the arms, relaxing the whole body, in order to alleviate muscle tension.

Good temperament

Queen Elizabeth II has always shown herself to be healthy and energetic. One important reason is that the Queen has a unique regimen. For decades, the Queen has been walking on weekends in a very special way, using the "positive footwork". Stepping forward does not need to be as standard as a soldier's posture, as long as the sole of the foot is on the ground, the head is raised, the chest is raised, the front is visible, and persists until the body has the feeling of sweating, it achieves the purpose of exercise.

Tiptoe walking can protect kidney

Li Yuehua, professor of geriatrics center of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that with the increase of age, the kidney qi of the elderly gradually declined. Traditional Chinese medicine considered the kidney as the "congenital basis" and closely related to bones, teeth and ears. Therefore, the main manifestations of the decline of the kidney qi of the elderly were weakness of legs, loose teeth and hearing loss. Older people with these symptoms may try to walk on tiptoes. When walking on tiptoe, the medial part of the forefoot and the thumb of the foot play a supporting role, while the kidney meridian of foot Shaoyin, liver meridian of foot Jueyin and spleen meridian of foot Taiyin pass through here. This can massage foot three yin, through foot Shaoyin kidney meridian temperatureTonifying kidneyYang. Every day stand on tiptoe for about 10 minutes, in the middle, you can walk and stop, tired of rest, to achieve the purpose of stimulating acupoints. But it is difficult to walk on tiptoe. Especially for the elderly, it is necessary to proceed step by step. It is best to start with a helper. Long-term adherence, not excessive each time; elderly people with severe osteoporosis, do not recommend tiptoe walking.

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