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Archives What are the common symptoms of childhood epilepsy? Common,manifestations,which,epilepsy,symptoms,young children October 12, 2019

Epilepsy, commonly known as "sheep's wind", is a common neurological syndrome with complex etiology and recurrent attacks in childhood. It is a convulsive attack caused by paroxysmal and temporary brain dysfunction. The etiology is divided into primary and secondary. So, what are the common symptoms of childhood epilepsy?

Symptoms of epilepsy in children

1. Types of epilepsy in children

There are many types of epilepsy in children. Among them, grand seizure in children is a more harmful type of epilepsy. When children with epilepsy have seizures, they often show sudden loss of consciousness and then severe symptoms such as apnea, foaming at the mouth, bluish-purple complexion, dilated pupils and convulsions of limbs. Some children with epilepsy will also have tongue bite, fecal incontinence and other symptoms, children with epilepsy will generally continue to seize about 1-5 minutes.

2. Symptoms of epilepsy minor seizures in children

Symptoms include unconscious chewing, smacking, drooling, blinking and swallowing. Parents tend to ignore these subtle abnormal symptoms.

Some children with epilepsy have symptoms such as sucking, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and loss of consciousness. Others have symptoms such as random groping, walking, running, kicking, nonsense, smiling or laughing.

3. Psychomotor seizures in children with epilepsy

When this kind of epileptic seizure occurs in children, the children show a sudden stop of activity, and then there are two eyes staring, facial expression and other symptoms. This epileptic seizure lasts for several minutes to several hours.

Reminder:Parents of children with epilepsy should not blindly believe in advertisements of small clinics or local prescriptions on the street. These are against science. Moreover, the treatment equipment of small clinics for epilepsy is very simple and can not cope with many emergencies. In order to be safe, we must go to regular large hospitals for treatment.

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