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Archives What are the causes of sciatica and the treatment methods of sciatica? Neuralgia,sciatica,treatment methods,which,causes,causes October 12, 2019

We have learned about sciatica and its different types, we have a deeper understanding of sciatica, but do we know the causes of sciatica? Understanding the etiology or pathology of a disease is very helpful for the treatment of the disease. Doctors pay attention to prescribing drugs according to the symptoms, which requires mastery of the etiology. The following is an introduction to the causes and treatment of sciatica.

Causes of sciatica

1. Caused by diseases of visceral organs For example, the infection of uterus and its appendages and tumors can cause lumbosacral pain, which is often accompanied by corresponding gynecological symptoms.

2. Caused by Mental Factors For example, hysteria patients may also complain of lumbar disease, but there are no objective signs, or objective examination and subjective narration can not be explained by physiological anatomy and pathological knowledge, this kind of lumbago is often a manifestation of hysteria.

3. Diseases of the spine, joints and surrounding soft tissues Such as contusion, sprain caused by local injury, bleeding, edema, adhesion and muscle spasm.

4. Caused by spinal cord and spinal nerve diseases Such as spinal cord tumors, myelitis and other causes of low back pain. Based on these, we can understand that the causes of sciatica are various.

Treatment of sciatica

1. Bed rest

In the acute stage of severe pain, we should lie in a rigid bed to rest, minimize limb activity, avoid weight-bearing, and waist circumference should be used to relieve the tension and reactive edema of the lesion tissues, which is helpful to accelerate the relief of symptoms.

2. Drug therapy

(1) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs: such as indomethacin, ibuprofen, fenbid, cilobao, Dichlorophenolic acid (Votalin), etc. The most widely used, suitable for most patients, often the preferred drug for the treatment of this disease; 2. corticosteroid drugs: prednisone, dexamethasone, etc.; 3. vitamins such as vitamin B1 and B12; 4. dehydration drugs such as 20% mannitol.

3. Local physiotherapy

Acute pain can be achieved by ultrashort wave, procaine ion penetration, ultraviolet radiation, etc. After the pain was relieved, induction electricity, ultrashort wave, iodine ionic conductor and various hyperthermia were used instead.

4. Epidural injection of corticosteroids

It can alleviate inflammation and adhesion around nerve root. Prednisolone acetate and lidocaine are commonly used in China. For prominent type and free type, the effective rate is high (76%) and for bulging type, the effective rate is low (26%). Other data show that corticosteroid epidural injection has the same efficacy as placebo.

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