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Archives What should we pay attention to in brain atrophy Brain atrophy,precautions,what,usually,should pay attention to October 12, 2019

In our daily life, if we have brain atrophy, this disease needs active treatment, while the treatment also needs to pay attention to active care, then what details of life need attention to get brain atrophy? Let's learn about it together below.

Daily precautions for brain atrophy

1. Dietary adjustment

Arrange food for three meals a day according to the principle of multi-variety, moderate and balanced diet. Appropriate selection of food with good preventive effect for cerebral thrombosis. Such as garlic, onion, tomato, leek, celery, seaweed, seaweed, black fungus, tremella, peach kernel, hawthorn, cantaloupe, papaya, strawberry, lemon, grape, pineapple, salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc., have a good preventive effect on lowering blood viscosity and reducing abnormal blood clots.

2. Ensure adequate drinking water

Insufficient drinking water increases blood viscosity and makes it difficult to discharge the waste. Therefore, adequate drinking water is very important for the prevention of cerebral thrombosis. Normal daily drinking water should be 2000-2500 ml. For the elderly, it is more important to drink more water, because the blood of the elderly has the characteristics of strong cohesion in varying degrees.

3. Law of Life

Regularity of life is conducive to the prevention of any disease, especially cerebral thrombosis. It is necessary to develop a regular life, especially for the elderly, because the physiological regulation and adaptation of the elderly are impaired, and irregular life can easily lead to metabolic disorders and promote thrombosis.

Second, avoid sleeping after meals, because blood gathers in the gastrointestinal tract after meals to help the blood supply of digestive organs, while the blood supply of the brain is relatively reduced. At the same time, the blood supply of the brain can be further reduced by falling blood pressure after meals, and blood flow is slow and easy to form thrombus. So it's better to go to bed half an hour after meals.

4. Pay attention to the weather and stop smoking and drinking

Weather adaptability of the elderly is weakened, super-cold and super-heat can increase blood viscosity and induce stroke. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the change of weather temperature and clothes at any time. Secondly, smoking cessation and alcohol cessation are also important for the prevention of cerebral thrombosis.

When we suffer from brain atrophy, we must actively take care of it. Otherwise, it will bring great trouble to our life. I hope you can stay away from brain atrophy.

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