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Archives What precautions should epilepsy patients take to prevent epilepsy Epilepsy,prevention,precautions,what,patients,in peacetime,should pay attention to October 12, 2019

For epilepsy, you may not be familiar with the word, but when it comes to lamb madness, I believe you are all familiar with it. Yes, epilepsy is commonly known as lamb madness, that is, sheep madness. So what should epilepsy patients pay attention to at ordinary times? What are the precautions for preventing epilepsy?

What should epilepsy patients pay attention to at ordinary times

1. Optimism

Mental tension and pessimistic disappointment can promote seizures. Epilepsy sufferers are pessimistic and disappointed because of long-term recurrent seizures and discrimination by some people in society. Epilepsy patients should build up confidence to overcome the disease, maintain optimism, treat the disease correctly, cooperate with doctors actively, and adhere to long-term treatment. The vast majority of patients can live like healthy people.

2. Combination of work and leisure

Insufficient sleep can easily induce epilepsy. Therefore, we must ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late, especially children with epilepsy patients should ensure adequate sleep time.

3. Eat moderately

Epilepsy can be induced by satiety or hunger, as well as one-off drinking of large quantities of water. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reasonable nutrition and a moderate diet to avoid overfullness, hunger or one-off drinking of large quantities of water.

4. Regular reexamination

The whole process of epilepsy treatment should be carried out under the guidance of doctors. In order to observe the effect of drug treatment and adverse reactions and guide patients to use drugs rationally, regular visits should be made to understand the patient's condition, efficacy and adverse reactions, and necessary laboratory examinations should be given.

Precautions against epilepsy

1. Dietary Attention

Preventing epilepsy epilepsy diet should pay attention to eating light, non-stimulating and nutritious diet, avoid hunger or overeating, do not touch tobacco and alcohol, avoid exposure to the environment with lampblack.

2. Participate in some activities appropriately

People with epilepsy can take part in some small exercises appropriately. For example, do some walking activities accompanied by family members. Slow walking can promote intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. Constipation is one of the factors that can induce epileptic seizures.

3. Attention should be paid to the prevention of upper respiratory tract infection

Prevention of epileptic seizures also requires attention to the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections. In daily life, we should pay attention not to be caught in the rain and cold. We should increase or decrease our clothes and quilts in time with the change of seasonal temperature. We should not excessively drink water.

4. Take medicine on time

Those with epilepsy history should strictly follow the doctor's instructions, adhere to the long-term regular medication, and avoid stopping medication on their own after the symptoms are controlled. Because intermittent and irregular medication is not conducive to the control of epilepsy, but will lead to the occurrence of status epilepticus, which is life-threatening when seizures occur.

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