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Avoid Is there any taboo on vulvitis diet? What Can't Women Eat with Vulvitis Vulva,what,can eat,female,taboo,diet October 12, 2019

What are the dietary taboos of vulvitis? In gynecological diseases, vulvitis is a relatively wide range of hazards, bringing a lot of harm to patients. In order to avoid disease hazards, we need to correct treatment, understand the appropriate treatment methods, at the same time, we also need to grasp the dietary taboos of vulvitis, in order to avoid greater harm from disease.

Dietary taboos for vulvitis

1. Avoid spicy food

For women with vulvitis, all kinds of spicy and irritating food should be avoided as far as possible. Because this kind of food is the main cause of vulvitis and aggravation of vulvitis inflammation.

Studies have found that spicy and irritating foods such as pepper can aggravate pelvic congestion and inflammation, and may also lead to excessive contraction of uterine muscles in women, leading to aggravation of inflammation.

Therefore, women with gynecological inflammation must pay attention to keep away from spicy food. There are many spicy and stimulating foods in life, such as pepper, pepper, garlic, onion, ginger, leek, chicken soup, durian and spicy condiments, which should be avoided by patients.

2. Avoid fried food

Women suffering from gynecological inflammation should pay special attention to dietary adjustment in their daily life, that is to say, avoid all kinds of bad eating habits as far as possible. In particular, we should pay attention to eating less fried, greasy food, in addition to such foods as fried sticks, butter, chocolate and so on. These foods are very popular among many women in their daily life.

However, these foods have the function of moisturizing and heating, which is very harmful to the treatment of gynecological inflammation. And these foods can also lead to increased leucorrhea in women. It can be said that unhealthy eating habits are not conducive to the treatment of vulvitis, but also can induce other gynecological inflammation.

We must understand the dietary taboos of vulvitis, because vulvitis is harmful and serious. If we want to get rid of the occurrence of disease hazards thoroughly, we should actively consult relevant experts'suggestions. Experts will formulate appropriate treatment methods for you to get rid of the occurrence of disease hazards.

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