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Avoid Attention should be paid to the six major dietary taboos that oligozoospermia patients can't eat Taboos,diet,attention,six big,what,sperm,patients,can eat October 12, 2019

Oligozoospermia is a very common disease in our life. We need to pay attention to the correct treatment and nursing of oligospermia, avoid missing the best opportunity of treatment, and strive for the early recovery of every patient with oligospermia. What are the dietary taboos of oligospermia patients? What can oligospermia men not eat in daily life? We must pay attention to dietary taboos.

Six dietary taboos in oligospermia

1. Avoid Beer

If you have a kidney disease and drink beer unrestrictedly, uric acid deposition will lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in renal failure.

2. Avoid Soybean Products

People with oligozoospermia should eat less soybeans, because some ingredients in soybeans can cause a decrease in sperm count. In this way, the condition of oligozoospermia patients will be aggravated, thus affecting male reproductive function. Soybean milk and soy yogurt, which many people unanimously admire, have also become food that kills sperm.

3. Avoid pork waist

Many people like to eat animal viscera, especially when eating barbecue, "waist" has become a favorite of many men. Recently, Taiwanese doctors warned: eat visceral tonic, beware of heavy metal "cadmium" sperm loss infertility.

4. Avoid celery

In recent years, studies have shown that eating celery regularly reduces the number of sperm in men, and returns to normal level after 4 months of stopping eating.

5. Avoid coffee

Ordinary emotional ups and downs, sympathetic nerve is easy to excite people, it is best not to drink coffee and other caffeine beverages before sex, in order to avoid depressing parasympathetic nerve, reduce sexual desire.

6. Avoid Fried Chicken

Men who like to eat barbecue in summer pay attention to it. Experts point out that starchy foods that are barbecued and fried contain acrylamide, a carcinogenic poison, which can lead to oligozoospermia and asthenospermia in men. In addition, cadmium and pesticide residues are toxic to sperm.

The above article about the dietary taboos of oligozoospermia patients is introduced here. We can do a good job of dietary taboos for oligozoospermia and other diseases. It plays a key role in alleviating and curing the disease. I hope that every patient can be treated and nursed correctly and recovered as soon as possible.

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