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Avoid What are the taboos of orchitis diet? Male patients can't eat anything What,patients,eating,men,diet,taboos,orchitis October 12, 2019

Orchitis is usually caused by bacteria and viruses. The testis itself seldom suffers from bacterial infection. Because testis has abundant blood and lymph supply, it has strong resistance to bacterial infection. Bacterial orchitis is mostly caused by inflammation of the adjacent epididymis, so it is also called epididymitis-orchitis. Got this kind of disease, besides cooperating with doctor's treatment, we should also pay attention to dietary adjustment, so what are the taboos of orchitis diet? What can't we eat? What healthy dietary recommendations?

Three Dietary Taboos in Patients with Orchitis

1. Avoid eating spicy food

In order to eliminate the source of endogenous dampness and heat, if the male lower body is cold, excessive sexual affairs, urine tolerance and so on, it is easy to cause sympathetic nerve excitation, and induce dysuria, we should also pay attention to avoid.

2. Men should not eat hair

Eat less so-called "hair" such as pork hooves, fish soup, mutton, etc., such as those high-fat foods belong to hair. Because high-fat products can cause the secretion of inflammatory sites to increase, further infiltration and diffusion of inflammation, or aggravate symptoms.

3. Eat less high cholesterol food

Meat foods with high cholesterol levels can also spread inflammation further.

Recommended dietary therapy for orchitis

1. Stir-fried Chinese wolfberry seedlings with Brassica oleracea

Appropriate amounts of Brassica, Lycium barbarum seedlings and condiments. Wash the Brassica and wolfberry seedlings, cut them into sections, put vegetable oil in the pot and heat them properly, then stir-fry onion and ginger, then braise the Brassica and wolfberry seedlings, stir-fry until they are ripe, then add salt, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings to serve, 2 doses a day.

2. Houttuynia cordata mixed with radish

Houttuynia cordata, radish and condiment in proper amount. Wash Houttuynia cordata and radish carefully and cut into sections; wash ginger and shred; wash garlic and cut into pieces; wash onion white and cut into pieces. Put Houttuynia cordata and radish on a plate. Add ginger, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, chicken essence and mix well. 2 doses a day.

Above is the suggestion of "What is the dietary taboo of patients with orchitis?" This question, I hope it will be helpful to you, and I wish you health!

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