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Avoid Is there any taboo in the diet of male infertility? What foods can't you eat? Can eat,food,which,diet,infertility,what,taboos,men October 12, 2019

In life, we must maintain healthy living habits, and some living habits will lead to male infertility, such as eating habits. So for male pelvic friends with infertility, what are the dietary taboos? What foods can not be eaten? Below is a detailed understanding.

Five Kinds of Food Inedible for Male Infertility

1. Fried chicken

Men who like to eat barbecue in summer pay attention to it. Experts point out that starchy foods that are barbecued and fried contain acrylamide, a carcinogenic poison, which can lead to oligozoospermia and asthenospermia in men. In addition, cadmium and pesticide residues are toxic to sperm.

2. Beer

If you have a kidney disease and drink beer unrestrictedly, uric acid deposition will lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in renal failure.

3, milk tea

At present, pearl milk tea in the market is made of cream, pigment, essence and tapioca powder (pearl in milk tea) and tap water. The main component of milk essence is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a trans fatty acid. Trans fatty acids can reduce the secretion of male hormones, negatively affect sperm activity and interrupt sperm response in the body.

4. Tofu.

Men who like soybean products such as tofu should be careful. A new study by Harvard University School of Public Health in the United States has again made it clear that eating soybean products every day can significantly reduce the number of sperm in men, according to a number of media reports in the United States.

Soybean products have adverse effects on male reproductive system, especially sperm production. Soybean and its products are rich in isoflavone phytoestrogens. If you take too much, it will naturally affect the level of male hormones in men, resulting in a series of adverse consequences.

5, pig waist

Many people like to eat animal viscera, especially when eating barbecue, "waist" has become a favorite of many men. Recently, Taiwanese doctors warned: eat visceral tonic, beware of heavy metal "cadmium" sperm loss infertility. Liver, viscera, pig testicles, people who want to "eat what to make up for what" should be careful, because eating too much, not only can not make up for the body, but also may be infertile.

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