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Avoid What dietary taboos do Cervicitis Patients have? What should we pay attention to in life What,life,attention,diet,patients,cervix,taboo October 12, 2019

Are there any dietary taboos for patients with cervicitis? Cervicitis is a serious health hazard to female friends. Female friends should take proper care and pay attention to some dietary taboos to avoid affecting the therapeutic effect. So, do cervicitis patients have any dietary taboos?

Dietary Taboos in Patients with Cervicitis

1, avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol can aggravate the dampness and heat of patients with cervicitis, which may lead to aggravation of cervicitis. Therefore, patients with cervicitis should pay attention to avoiding alcohol, so as to avoid adverse effects.

2. Avoid seafood and river food

Cervicitis patients in the diet should also pay attention to avoid eating such aquatic products as sea fish, crabs, shrimps, clams, grasshoppers, oysters, abalones, in order to avoid adverse effects on the regression of inflammation.

3. Avoid Sweet and Fatty Foods

Sweet and greasy foods such as candy, butter cake, Babao rice, glutinous rice cake, lard, fat pork, Lamb Fat and so on can affect the effect of cervicitis treatment, so women with cervicitis should also pay attention to avoid eating this kind of food in peacetime.

4. Avoid spicy, fried and warm food

Patients with cervicitis should also pay attention to avoid eating spicy food such as pepper, fennel, pepper, onion, mustard, roast chicken, fried pork chops or warm food such as beef, mutton and so on, while aggravating the disease.

Taboos in the life of patients with cervicitis

Taboo 1,Patients with cervicitis are not allowed to share a room during their illness, otherwise they may be infected.

Taboo 2,When cleaning vulva, patients with cervicitis are not allowed to use some drugs indiscriminately, otherwise, it will cause vaginal acid-base disorder.

Taboo 3,Cervicitis patients in the bath, to use the shower, in order to avoid cross infection, vulva to maintain dry, do not wear tight underwear, maintain good blood circulation.

These are the taboos on the diet of cervicitis patients. I hope that Cervicitis Patients for their own health must have some taboos on the above. Only when there are such taboos on the diet can they quickly cure the disease and restore their health.

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