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Avoid What dietary contraindications should not be taken in patients with varicocele Sperm cord,varicose veins,contraindications,diet,eating,suffering,what October 12, 2019

In men, there are many veins in the spermatic cord. If the return of blood is blocked, these veins may be curled and dilated. At this time, varicocele disease occurs. This disease is very common in young adults, the main principle is blocked spermatic vein blood reflux caused. So for men's health, what can't you eat with varicocele? You have to remember the following dietary taboos.

Dietary contraindications for varicocele

Reducing salt intake

The diet of patients with varicocele after operation should be strictly limited to salt intake, mainly light and digestible diet. The daily diet should not exceed 5 grams of salt, in order to prevent the adverse effects of salty food on disease rehabilitation.

High-salt food is not conducive to the recovery of any disease, so many doctors often advise patients to: light diet, varicose veins patients are the same reason, daily intake of salt does not exceed 5 g.

2. Prohibition of Drinking

The reason why alcohol is forbidden in patients with varicocele is that the intermediate product of alcohol, ethanol, causes damage to the spermatic vein, and even has some disadvantages such as local testicular swelling. Prohibition of alcohol consumption is one of the necessary conditions during the period of oral administration of Jingmai Light.

3. Avoid overeating

Vascular balance is a part of body balance, so avoid overeating, develop good habits, maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables. Jingmai light official website suggests that patients with varicocele should also eat more laxative food to prevent constipation and avoid the worsening of varicocele caused by frequent abdominal pressure.

4. Avoid spicy, cold, seafood and other irritating foods

Spicy, cold, seafood and other stimulating foods are not conducive to the recovery of varicocele, such as onion, garlic, pepper, mustard, chili and so on. Especially during the period of oral administration of the United States Jingmai light, it is very important to develop good eating habits.

Jingmai light official website concluded that patients with varicocele should do: quit smoking, alcohol, masturbation, spicy stimulation, cold seafood, develop good daily habits, conducive to disease recovery.

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