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Women What to drink for menstrual dysmenorrhea Menstruation,dysmenorrhea,things,what,suitable for October 12, 2019

Menstruation is the natural physiological process of women, there are not too many taboos on diet, general fruit can be eaten. However, during menstruation, we should try to avoid eating too much raw and cold food. Do you know what foods can relieve the pain of dysmenorrhea? Let's get to know it.

1, durian

Durian is the king of fruits. It is not exaggerated to say that it is stinky durian. In fact, durian has high nutritional value. It can also improve the symptoms of abdominal coldness, promote the rise of body temperature. Durian is an ideal tonic for people with cold constitution. It can also promote blood circulation and disperse cold, alleviate dysmenorrhea, and is especially suitable for women suffering from dysmenorrhea. But durian can not eat too much at a time, otherwise it can easily lead to dryness and heat, and also cause "fire" because the intestines and stomach can not absorb completely.

2, milk

Milk is a food with high potassium content. Studies have shown that potassium is very important for nerve impulse conduction, blood coagulation and the function of all human cells. It can relieve mood, inhibit pain, prevent infection, and reduce blood loss during menstruation. Magnesium can help nerve impulse conduction in the brain and maintain normal levels of active substances with neurohormone effects.

3, honey

In the late period of menstruation, magnesium can also play a role in psychological regulation, help the body relax, eliminate tension, reduce stress, and honey is the "rich mineral" of magnesium, menstrual period can be appropriate to drink some honey water.

4, apple

Apple contains sugar and lithium, bromine, zinc, magnesium and other elements, is an effective sedative sleeping pill, women's physiological period also has curative effect on stomachache. Red wine can be used to stew apples during menstruation, which is conducive to activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Above is about menstrual dysmenorrhea eat what good food related content, I hope to help you more. Female menstruation when the body is weak, try to avoid eating cold or cold food, in order to avoid causing dysmenorrhea.

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