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Archives What are the tricks to relieve insomnia? Mitigation,insomnia,tricks,small,yes,which October 12, 2019

Insomnia is a common situation in daily life. Many people have symptoms of insomnia. There are many causes of insomnia, including illness and life. What should we do about insomnia? Today, I would like to share with you some tips to relieve insomnia.

1. Respiratory slowdown

First, we should breathe in accordance with the rhythm, first fast and then slow, there will be hypnotic effect. Gradually slowing down the frequency of breathing can relax the whole body, generally do about 7 minutes of deep breathing can enter a deep state of sleep.

2. Pressing Acupoints

There are many points in the body for massage to help sleep. For example, pressing the eyebrow center twice with the finger pulp for 20 seconds, then sitting on the bed edge, putting the right foot on the left knee, and pressing the point between the right thumb and the second toe with the hand, and finally pressing the point just below the second toenail of the right foot.

3. Drink hot milk

Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed can increase the secretion of insulin, promote the brain to secrete serotonin that promotes sleep, and has the calming and tranquilizing effect, so as to promote the human body to sleep smoothly.

4. Correct Sleeping Posture

When we sleep, we choose the most comfortable and relaxed sleeping position, slightly curving our legs, relaxing naturally all over our body, bending our elbows in front of the pillow, and putting our hands on our thighs naturally. This sleeping position is the best.
5. Wash your feet with hot water before going to bed
There are many reflex areas of human organs in the sole of the foot. After washing feet with warm water of 40 ~50 C before going to bed, rubbing the sole for a moment can stimulate the reflex area of the sole of the foot, adjust the functions of various organs, and make it run in harmony with the recovery of human physiological work and rest rules. In winter, you should rub your feet to warm temperature, which will make your whole body feel relaxed and comfortable, and help you sleep.
Above is to introduce you to alleviate insomnia tricks, insomnia troubled friends, may as well try the five tricks mentioned in the article, can alleviate insomnia oh!

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