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Archives Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency in Children Children,calcium deficiency,manifestations,symptoms October 12, 2019

Calcium deficiency is a common medical term for vitamin D deficiency rickets. Because vitamin D deficiency causes abnormal metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in vivo and bone tissue mineralization, which results in a series of chronic nutritional diseases with skeletal lesions. Calcium deficiency in children can affect the development of bone and is not conducive to the healthy growth of children. What is the manifestation of calcium deficiency in children? Next, let's take a look.

In fact, the symptoms of calcium deficiency in children are very obvious, more visible than adults. First of all, the children's mood is not very good. They often cry, lose their temper, or even get irritable for unknown reasons, and they do not show very lively and cheerful. This is the symptoms of calcium deficiency in children, but also need psychological counseling from parents. Another situation is that children are prone to sweating after they fall asleep at night.

Night sweats, the physical damage is very large, which is also a typical calcium deficiency symptoms. Especially for small babies, because children after one year of age teeth later than other children, this is also a typical calcium deficiency symptoms. Of course, there is another situation, many children themselves are more selective, so lead to inadequate calcium intake by the human body, a long time will lead to low appetite and mental retardation, so this situation suggests that parents must pay attention to.

These are the manifestations of children's calcium deficiency. If the symptoms mentioned in the article show that children may be calcium deficient, they need to supplement calcium and vitamin D in time. More sunshine and more exercise are more conducive to calcium absorption. At the same time, we must provide a balanced diet for children to ensure their comprehensive nutrition and healthy growth.

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