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Archives The influence of calcium deficiency on fetus Pregnant women,fetuses,calcium deficiency,effects,hazards October 12, 2019

During pregnancy, doctors will ask pregnant women to supplement calcium, because if the lack of calcium in pregnant women will seriously affect the development of the fetus, because calcium directly affects the growth and development of the fetus and the changes of the mother's skeleton, then what is the impact of calcium deficiency in pregnant women on the fetus? Next, let's go and have a look.

1. Functional abdominal pain

There are many reasons for baby abdominal pain, the most common is functional abdominal pain. Recent studies have found that functional abdominal pain is mainly caused by calcium deficiency, which leads to increased nerve excitability and intestinal spasm leading to abdominal pain. Calcium supplementation can treat this kind of abdominal pain.

2. dentition late

Normal babies can grow new teeth in 4-6 months, while calcium-deficient babies can not see new teeth at the age of one or even two, or the order of long teeth is chaotic, and the enamel of teeth is rough. If mothers can supplement calcium during pregnancy and lactation, they can reduce similar symptoms.

3. Influencing brain development

Pregnancy is the key period of fetal brain development. The growth and metabolism of brain cells and the normal operation of the brain are inseparable from calcium. Therefore, calcium is very important for neonatal intelligence development and nervous system. Calcium supplementation can enhance fetal intelligence development in the future.

4. Congenital rickets

During pregnancy, Mommy has symptoms of hypocalcemia such as backache, leg cramps and numbness of hands and feet. The baby is prone to congenital rickets.

5. eczema

Hypocalcic vasospasm and insufficient blood supply will cause skin rash, rough skin and many dandruff.

Above is the effect of calcium deficiency on the fetus of pregnant women. I hope this article can arouse people's attention to calcium supplementation during pregnancy. In fact, almost every pregnant woman will lack calcium, because all the calcium needed for fetal development comes from the mother. Calcium intake in the daily diet of pregnant women is far from enough for themselves and the fetus, so pregnant women should actively supplement calcium under the guidance of doctors.

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